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Welcome to my website. I look forward to sharing stories about me, auditions, projects, etc. right here. Drop me a line and be sure to follow me on Twitter. Check out the links to my other social sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Head over to my YouTube channel where I post videos and tutorials. Please watch, comment, share, and don’t forget to subscribe.





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Taping a segment for B Scene TV!

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Hey all!

I’m going to be taping a segment on B Scene TV (Shaw/Global) this Saturday January 17/2015 with my Calico co-star Gemma Dahl! We’ll be featured guests and the segment will be uploaded to BScene host Will Steph Wilson’s YouTube channel. I’m very excited to get this opportunity to talk about my latest film project, career updates, and what my future might hold for me. (I’ll leave that link below)

I’ll also update you all with the airing schedule so you can tune in on TV!

Link to Will Steph Wilson’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLYPURBVLU3DTCKmJ0rWMjA

Link to Will Steph Wilson’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/willstephwilson

Link to Will Steph Wilson’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/BsceneTV

– Brandon

Brandon Watson Gemma Dahl

Brandon Watson Gemma Dahl

I’m managed in the U.S. by Ron Sampson CEO Windsor Artist Management LLC, Fountain View California, and Kelsea Forzani, Details, Calgary, AB. Please see my management contacts in the U.S. and Canada on my contacts page or my IMDB profile.

Gemma Dahl

Gemma Dahl

Gemma Dahl

Gemma is a professional actress and fashion model born and raised in Calgary Alberta Canada. Gemma’s been performing​ in front of audiences​ since starting ​public ​school.  She has been ​training in ​different aspects of dance and theatre and especially film work for over nine years, under the guidance of some of the top local teachers like Peter Skagen and David LeReaney​, as well as Toronto’s Meissner coach Cindy Christensen.  Gemma’s experience ​on camera includes​ two national television commercials and background extra on locally produced movies and T.V. shows​ and just recently as Priscilla O’Neill, the female lead in Calico (2014) written and directed by ‘yours truly’.

Gemma’s casting in Calico allowed her the opportunity to become involved in the post production part of a film project and she has shown uncanny ability for editing and visual effects. (see the “Making of Calico video below). Acting is Gemma’s Passion and more lead actress roles are her Goal. Directing Gemma and acting with her was a wonderful experience. She’s every director’s dream actor to work with.

Learning and working together and gaining experience in all aspects of film making are exciting skills she and I are looking forward to mastering and I’m excited that Gemma is now my business partner in Windsor Artist Productions LLC, California/Calgary.

We’re both looking forward to this exciting future together as co-owners of our own production company and working as a team and hope for long term careers and more opportunities to work together on many more film projects for years to come.

Gemma is managed in the U.S. by Ron Sampson CEO Windsor Artist Management LLC, Fountain View California, and Kelsea Forzani, Details, Calgary, AB.

Gemma has recently been named a YOUTH ADVOCATE for Free2Luv, an organization dedicated to spreading peace and love throughout the world, making us Calgary’s first youth advocates.

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Shooting & editing for my directorial debut for the short film “Scared Stiff” is completed. It was certainly a challenge and a lot of hard work but well worth it. Finding locations was one of the hardest parts to get this film shot. Location scouts sure do earn their money. Al in all, I’m thrilled it all came together. It was a great experience and I sure did learn a few valuable lessons for the next time.

Scared Stiff (2014)


When prankster Quentin Sparks reveals his belief in zombies, classmates decide to turn the tables with a prank of their own that backfires when Ellie’s father overhears the plan.

– Brandon ;^P

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Let’s put a stop to bullying and spread the message of peace and love. Join me at Free2Luv.org :-)

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Kawasaki Disease: Raising Funds and Awareness.


Hey guys! Check out this One on One interview with me and Chef Derek Paterson! http://chefderekpaterson.blogspot.ca/2013/10/one-on-one-brandon-watson.html

Second part of the Night Sticks outtakes :)

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