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Welcome to my website. I look forward to sharing stories about me, auditions, projects, etc. on here. I am currently working on a web series called “Night Sticks”, and will be posting on that as it progresses. I am the youth advocate for Free2luv.org, and I will also post videos that I make on that. Also, last year I shot a movie called “Survival Guide”, directed by Phil Connell, where I play the lead male role of “Robbie”. I will post the trailer for that movie here soon. And finally, I am the official voice for the Busey Foundation in Canada, and made it on the radio and in the paper for that.

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– Brandon :^)


I’ve been recently signed by Ron Sampson CEO Windsor Artist Management L.A. Ron also represents actor Gary Busey http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000997/.  Please see my management contacts in the U.S. and Canada on my contacts page or my IMDB profile.

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Shooting & editing for my directorial debut for the short film “Scared Stiff” is completed. Submission to film festivals is now underway.

Scared Stiff (2014)


When prankster Quentin Sparks reveals his belief in zombies, classmates decide to turn the tables with a prank of their own that backfires when Ellie’s father overhears the plan.

- Brandon ;^P

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Let’s put a stop to bullying and spread the message of peace and love. Join me at Free2Luv.org :-)

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Kawasaki Disease: Raising Funds and Awareness.


Hey guys! Check out this One on One interview with me and Chef Derek Paterson! http://chefderekpaterson.blogspot.ca/2013/10/one-on-one-brandon-watson.html

Second part of the Night Sticks outtakes :)

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Getting my makeup done.

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